Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween. I love the fall and the change in weather(well unless you live in the valley of the sun). But I mostly love seeing my girls get excited for their costumes. I must say though I am not a mom who can sew and make their costumes, so to the store we go!!! I also refuse to spend lots of money on a costume, I find deals. I found this Hannah Montana costume at Claire's on sale for $5 and said ok it will fit one of you and you both love HM so we'll see who gets to be her. It could have gone either way but while we were in there Zoe found the sash and crown for I think $3.99. I asked if she was sure and she thought about it for like a second. So one we went and the best part is that Sadie wants to be a beauty queen next year and the HM costume is now in their dress up box!! I just hope one day this thriftiness doesn't backfire on me and my girls betray me and tell me they really hated Halloween because they never got the RIGHT costume!
The Friday before Halloween our ward had a trunk or treat and I was trying to get my girls ready, as well as the chili, cornbread, cookies, and frosting. So getting the girls ready was going well, Sadie loved getting her hair done and anytime she can wear makeup she is thrilled. So no I was onto Zoe. My idea of getting Zoe ready for the night as a beauty queen and her idea were totally different. I wanted her hair up, makeup on, frilly dress, jewelry, you know the works. Well she wanted only lip gloss, hair down, plain dress and no jewelry. We fought so much and finally I told her to get ready herself and so she did, very reluctantly. I thought I might go insane before we made it there that night. When we got there and I saw Dave I pulled one of those, "She is yours for the night, have her stay away from me". Am I the only one who has muttered these words under her breathe? I hope not!!! :) So why am I telling you this? Well these pictures are on Halloween night, after her father suggested the same things I had. SERIOUSLY, her and I are going to have some more mother/daughter precious moments in the future, I just know it!!!! We had a fabulous time walking around with the Hutchings and met up with 1/2 of the Carpenters later. My kids got way too much candy and I am trying to convince them that we need to share it with children in the world who don't have any!!! Zoe-7 , Sadie-4
Sadie lost her vocals here! Dave told Zoe to hold her hands this way, what beauty pageant show is he watching!

Nikki Hutchings and Zoe

Sadie and Kayli Hutchings

Nikki, Zoe, Kayli, Sadie, and baby lion Colby Huthchings.


Laura and Jimmy said...

Cute kids!!! funny story (now that you look back on it, right?). no, you are not the only mom that does that!!

Jamie Lynn said...

Wow! Look at all those SUPER cute kids! I'm so glad our kids have each other.....you guys were MEANT to live by us! Or the other way around! ;) LOVES me some Linderholms!!!!!!