Thursday, May 20, 2010

Girly Day!

On May 8th at our community clubhouse they had a Mother/Daughter Girly Day! We made bows, body glitter, bracelets, and gave each other manicures. There was also a lunch and dessert served. It was a fun day to relish in the fact that I have two beautiful daughters that I love and adore. They are so sweet and fun and I can't imagine life without them... they truly make me so proud. I don't have any boys and so I don't know the joy of a mother/son relationship, although I am sure it is amazing. But I am a daughter of an amazing woman, I have two wonderful sister's, and I have been blessed to have two of my own precious daughter's. I feel blessed and I love my girls so much. I hope that as they grow we will grow closer and learn from one another. They make me want to be better, do better, and love better. My friend Jamie and her girls, Nikki and Kayli were there for the girly day! What a fun day!!
Making hair bows, not my specialty!!
They had lunch and dessert, it was great!

I love my girls!! They are so fun and we have a blast together!!

Sadie making body glitter(aloe vera and glitter...who knew)

More body glitter...
Making bracelets

This was one I could handle!
I can't believe she is almost 8, I just feel so lucky to be her mom!

Sadie is my sassy 5 year old. She is so girly girl, she wants her nails painted everyday, she was in heaven here!!